Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis

Water softeners are essential for people living in rural areas, areas with hard water or those looking to increase the longevity of their plumbing and appliances.

What is Hard Water?Diagram showing soft vs hard water

Hard water contains the minerals calcium and magnesium – which are minerals found in the earth. While these minerals aren’t necessarily harmful, they cause the water to function less effectively for our daily use. For example, soaps and detergents do not completely dissolve in hard water, leaving behind a soap curd which clings to skin and fabrics – inhibiting cleaning. This soap curd will leave soap spots on everything you wash and will leave an unsightly and difficult to clean film in your bath and shower. The main issue with hard water is that calcium and magnesium deposits build up in pipes over time, reducing the flow to taps and appliances. As a result, more electricity is required to push the water through the clogged pipes, causing a spike in your utility bills! Hard water causes a buildup of scale in water heaters – reducing the efficiency and life of the unit.

Kinetico Water SoftenersWhy You Need a Water Softener!

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and other metals in hard water using a specially designed salt solution. Water softeners are plumbed into your home’s water supply system and trade the unwanted minerals for sodium in a process called ion exchange. Water softeners are equipped with an auto regenerating system that flushes and recharges the system on a regular schedule to ensure that the water softener provides a fresh supply of soft water throughout the home.

Reverse Osmosis

All of our water softeners are equipped with a reverse osmosis system. A reverse osmosis system uses a special filter to remove contaminants and dissolved minerals from your water. Often water that passes through a water softener contains more sodium which can cause it to taste a bit salty and isn’t always suitable for reduced sodium diets. The reverse osmosis system is the perfect complement to the water softener as it removes this sodium and provides clean, great tasting drinking water that’s healthy for everyone!

Benefits to Installing a Water Softener with Reverse Osmosis

There are many benefits to installing a water softener with reverse osmosis in your home!

  1. Improves the lifespan of plumbing and appliances
  2. Improves energy efficiency resulting in cost savings
  3. Provides a constant supply of fresh, clean delicious drinking water
  4. Easy to maintain

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