Commercial Air Handler Sales and Rental – Ottawa, Toronto

Canadian Comfort specializes in the sales and installation of high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment. Our skilled technicians can service businesses of commercial (office buildings, schools, stores) to industrial scale (factories, manufacturing plants, mills).

Canadian Comfort understands that each commercial building has specific conditions that are necessary to guarantee the health, safety, comfort and optimal productivity of its occupants. Keeping a comfortable temperature and maintaining good indoor air quality is essential for the health, safety and productivity of employees. We are the leading experts in determining the ideal air handler for the unique requirements of your commercial building.


What is a Commercial Air Handler?

An air handler (also called an air handling unit) is a mechanism used to regulate and circulate air flow as part of a commercial HVAC system. An air handler’s shell is made of durable metal and it consists of a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound absorbers and dampers. Air handlers are connected to duct work that circulates the air through the commercial building and then returns it back to the air handler.

Small air handlers are called terminal units, and may only include an air filter, coil, and blower. These smaller units are also called blower coils or fan coil units. A larger air handler that conditions 100% outside air, and no re-circulated air, is known as a makeup air unit. An air handler designed for outdoor use, typically on roofs, is known as a rooftop unit.

Why Install a New, High-Efficiency Commercial Air Handler?

Canadian Comfort specializes in the sales and installation of all types of commercial air handlers. Installing a new, high efficiency air handler will result in less energy consumption, maintain optimal indoor air quality and will drastically lower your monthly energy bills. Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency air handler may also qualify you to receive incentives and rebates. Please visit the commercial rebates section of our website for more information! Canadian Comfort offers a variety of payment options for commercial HVAC including rent-to-own, financing and cash buy-outs. Let us help you find the best solution for your budget!

Rent-to-own a Commercial Air Handler

Canadian Comfort offers a proprietary rent-to-own program for commercial HVAC that requires no money down. Our commercial HVAC rental program allows business owners to pay for their HVAC equipment via affordable monthly payments instead of having to shell out a large lump sum upfront! Our commercial HVAC rent-to-own program includes free installation, free removal of your old equipment and a complete warranty making it an ideal solution for your business!

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