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Did you know that the energy costs for commercial refrigeration can account for as much as 90% of a businesses’ energy bill?

By upgrading to high-efficiency refrigeration equipment – you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30% – saving you a ton of money per month! Canadian Comfort specializes in the sales and installation of all types of commercial freezers from walk-in freezers, to upright merchandiser freezers to ice makers and more!

We offer a variety of different colours and styles to best suit your business.


Why Install a High Efficiency Commercial Freezer?

Freezers use a great deal of energy to run. New, high-efficiency freezers use much less energy to operate which reduces monthly energy bills by up to 30%! This will make a big difference on your bottom line. New freezers are better insulated and hold a steady temperature meaning that your products will remain fresher and safer for longer periods of time. Tired of looking at that big, bulky freezer day in and day out? Newer models provide a variety of styles, colours and options with a much sleeker design that will often save you space as well!

Upgrade Your Commercial Freezer – Get Money Back!

To top it off, there are a variety of incentives available on the market for upgrading to higher efficiency refrigeration equipment. Please check out the commercial rebates section of our website for more information!

Commercial Freezer Payment Options

Canadian Comfort offers a variety of payment options for commercial HVAC from a rent-to-own program, to financing, to cash buy-outs. Our commercial HVAC rent-to-own program requires no money down and allows business owners to rent-to-own their HVAC equipment for affordable monthly payments. Installation and removal of your old equipment is included as well as a complete parts and labour warranty!

We’ll work with you to provide the best solution for your budget!

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