Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit Rentals – Ottawa, Toronto

Did you know that you can save up to 50% of your monthly energy bills by installing a new, high-efficiency commercial rooftop unit?

Canadian Comfort specializes in the sales and installation of high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment. Our skilled technicians can service businesses of commercial (office buildings, schools, stores) to industrial scale (factories, manufacturing plants, mills).

Canadian Comfort – Commercial HVAC Experts!

Canadian Comfort knows that each commercial building has specific conditions that are necessary to guarantee the health, safety, comfort and optimal productivity of its occupants. Keeping a comfortable and consistent temperature is essential for the health, safety and productivity of employees. We are the leading experts in determining the ideal rooftop unit for the unique requirements of your commercial building.

What Are Commercial Rooftop Units?

Commercial rooftop units are HVAC appliances that perform both commercial heating and cooling applications. They are typically placed on roofs or outside of a building. Canadian Comfort specializes in the sales and installation of different types of rooftop units for commercial and industrial applications. There are different configurations for commercial rooftop units including single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation. Rooftop units recirculate heated or cooled air for efficient temperature control and are the very best choice to heat/cool your business. Most small to large scale businesses employ commercial rooftop units for heating and cooling. Rooftop units provide significant energy savings due to the fact that they recirculate the air instead of treating new, 100% outdoor air as through a make-up air unit. Canadian Comfort’s certified Commercial Energy Advisers can recommend the best rooftop unit for your business! High-efficiency rooftop units use significantly less energy than older models. Upgrading to a high efficiency rooftop unit will result in substantial cost savings on your monthly utility bills – up to 50%! Commercial rooftop units are usually powered by natural gas or electricity.

Benefits to Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Commercial Rooftop Unit

There are many benefits to upgrading to a high efficiency commercial rooftop unit:

  • Maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature at all times
  • Improves indoor air quality which boosts employee health, morale and productivity
  • New high-efficiency models use significantly less energy saving up to 50% on monthly utility bills
  • Quiet operation
  • Qualify for incentives and rebates for upgrading your rooftop units. Please visit the commercial rebates section of our website for more information.

Canadian Comfort offers a variety of payment options for commercial HVAC including rent-to-own, financing and cash buy-outs. Let us help you find the best solution for your budget!

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