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A make-up air unit is a commercial HVAC device that conditions 100% outdoor air and then circulates it through the building via ductwork. The purpose of a make-up air unit is to replace stale, used air that has been removed by an exhaust system with fresh, clean air. Make-up air units are ideal for buildings where the air within the establishment or a particular room cannot be recirculated, or if the HVAC system is unable to introduce fresh outside air. Make-up air units produce excellent indoor air quality and the newer high efficiency models use significantly less energy, resulting in cost savings.

Make-up air units are typically powered by natural gas or electricity.


Where Are Make-up Air Units Used?

Make-up air units are typically used in situations which require the constant introduction of 100% outdoor air and where the existing indoor air cannot be recirculated. For example, hospital operating rooms, restaurants and paint manufacturers. They can be housed either on the roof of the building, to the side of a building or in a mechanical room.

Benefits to Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Make-up Air Unit

There are many benefits to upgrading to a high efficiency make-up air unit:

  • Introduces a fresh supply of 100% outdoor air
  • Improves indoor air quality which boosts employee health, morale and productivity
  • New high-efficiency models use significantly less energy
  • Quiet operation
  • Qualify for incentives and rebates for upgrading. Please visit the commercial rebates section of our website for more information.

Canadian Comfort offers a variety of payment options for commercial HVAC including rent-to-own, financing and cash buy-outs. Let us help you find the best solution for your budget!

Rent-to-own a Make-up Air Unit

Canadian Comfort offers a proprietary rent-to-own program which requires no money down and includes free installation as well as a complete warranty. Our commercial HVAC rental program allows business owners to upgrade to new, high-efficiency HVAC equipment for affordable monthly payments instead of having to pay the entire amount upfront!

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