Boilers and Combi-Boilers

Did you know that boilers are one of the oldest forms of HVAC equipment, as the first type of central heating system! You can imagine the relief that people hundreds of years ago felt when they no longer had to light a wood or coal fire in each room just to keep the house warm!

Do you need a new boiler or combi-boiler system for your home, but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for the new equipment, installation and removal of the old boiler? Canadian Comfort can help! We offer a no money down, no credit check rent-to-own program for boilers and combi-boilers. Our rent-to-own program includes free installation, free removal of your old equipment and a full parts and labour warranty! For more information, please visit the payment options section!

How do Boilers Work?

Boilers function by heating up a water supply using a fuel source such as gas, propane or oil, and moving the water throughout the radiators to different rooms in the home via an electrically controlled pump. As the water temperature lowers, it travels back to the boiler where it gets reheated and is circulated throughout the radiators again. Water has a higher heat holding capacity than air, making boilers once of the most efficient heating sources.

Gas Boiler Diagram

Benefits to Installing a Boiler System in Your Home:

1. Consistent and efficient heating
2. Heat in each room is precisely controlled by a thermostat
3. Dust free and allergy friendly since they don’t move dust around the home like forced air heating systems
4. Many boilers also double up as hot water heaters (combi-boilers) for the perfect 2 in 1 combo!


What is a combi-boiler? A combi-boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater, as well as central heating boiler, combined within one unit. This means that a separate hot water heater is not required which saves space within the home and money on your monthly energy and water bills!

Combi Boiler Diagram

Benefits of a Combi-Boiler:

1. Saves space as no separate water heater is required
2. Hot water is delivered through your taps at main pressure so you can enjoy a shower without the need for a pump
3. Cuts installation time and costs as it takes less time to install a combi-boiler than a boiler and separate hot water tank
4. High efficiency = lower monthly energy and water costs

Viessmann 100W Boiler

Viessmann 100W Boiler

Canadian Comfort specializes in the installation and maintenance of  Viessmann and Navien boilers and combi-boilers – however we’re able to order in and install any brand. These systems can be intricate and require a proper design, installation and maintenance to keep them working effectively.

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