Canadian Comfort Roofing Services

Canadian Comfort offers professional, affordable roofing services. Our licensed contractors can install any type of roofing – including, but not limited to: asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, steel, slate or tile shingles, tin, copper or wood. No matter what the pitch – steep or flat – our roofing contractors have you covered!

We offer excellent warranties which depend on the type of product selected!


Monthly Financing Available

We understand that replacing your roof is a big investment. Many people put this off until the last minute – risking water or ice damage and mold. This is why Canadian Comfort offers affordable monthly financing for all of your roofing projects!

Our financing program for roofing requires zero money down and affordable monthly payments over a fixed term at a low interest rate. We’ll work with you to determine the best type of roofing and plan for your budget!

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