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Upgrading your home’s interior and exterior lighting is one of the best ways to add ambiance, enhance your home’s style and save on your monthly energy bills. Whether you are looking to replace the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom, add exterior accent lighting, or remodel your entire home – Canadian Comfort Services can help! We provide the full spectrum of lighting and electrical services, from design to installation.

Enhance your home’s ambiance with lighting by Canadian Comfort Services.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting

There are many reasons to upgrade your home’s interior and exterior lighting, including:

Savings. LED lighting lasts up to 25 times longer and uses up to 75% less energy than standard incandescent lighting. This provides cost savings on replacement bulbs as well as significant savings on your monthly energy bills.
Incentives. There are often Government incentives and rebates issued for upgrading to energy-efficient lighting. A quick online search can reveal the incentives available in your Canadian Province or Territory.
Add Ambiance.¬†Upgrading your home’s lighting is a wonderfully easy way to increase ambiance and make your home more inviting.
Improve Style. Lighting is a great way to transcend the style of your home and add curb appeal.

Canadian Comfort Services has a team of Lighting Design Specialists who will work with you to design your home’s lighting retrofit. Contact us for a free Design Consultation to see how we can enhance your home’s lighting!


Canadian Comfort’s Licensed Electricians provide a full spectrum of residential electrical services. Having old electrical and wiring can be dangerous, unsightly and costly. Let us help you upgrade your home’s electrical or wiring, install lighting, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, upgrade your electrical panel and more! We also provide electrical safety and efficiency inspections. When it comes to lighting and electrical – Canadian Comfort Services does it all!

Lighting and Electrical

No Money Down Required!

Have you been putting off upgrading your home’s lighting and/or electrical because you don’t have the funds to pay for the work up front? Canadian Comfort Services can help! We offer a no money down option with affordable monthly payments that allows you to build your renovation into your budget!

Please visit the Financing Options section of our website for more information.

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