Commercial Rebates

Did you know that by upgrading your business’ current heating and cooling systems with high efficiency equipment, you can receive financial incentives worth up to 50% of total project costs from the Government of Ontario?

The sooner you participate, the sooner you will start lowering your energy costs and start supporting a more sustainable Ontario.

There are many advantages to increasing the energy efficiency of your business. By upgrading your equipment, not only do you save money on your monthly utility bills, increase your property value, lower operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint – but you can also take advantage of many incentives and rebates available in Ontario – meaning that you will receive money back when you upgrade! To top it off, your customers can feel good about supporting a business which upholds a strong commitment to improve the health of the environment. This helps to secure new business as well as repeat customers! Let Canadian Comfort help you green your business

Canadian Comfort Will Make Sure You Get the Most Rebates!

Canadian Comfort provides a complete portfolio of eco products and services to reduce the costs and consumption for businesses of commercial and industrial scale. Our Commercial Energy Advisers are thoroughly educated on the many available incentives and rebates on the market. Our advisers will explain all rebates that each job qualifies for and make it very easy for our customers to receive the rebates. We make sure that our clients qualify for as many rebates as possible for each project. Canadian Comfort makes it quick and easy to get money back when you upgrade!

Commercial Energy-Efficiency Incentives

The Government of Ontario recently released its long term energy strategy which provides a variety of incentives to encourage business owners to make their businesses more efficient. Canadian Comfort stays up to date on these rebates to ensure that our customers can benefit from as many applicable incentives as possible.

The following is a list of the current incentives and rebates available in the Province of Ontario for commercial and industrial businesses:

Enbridge Retrofit Incentives

Enbridge Gas offers a variety of incentives for commercial customers which help to offset the costs of installing energy-efficient equipment in existing buildings. There are incentives available for improving space heating, water heating, food service efficiency and more! Please visit the Enbridge Gas website to see which programs your business is eligible for.

Enbridge Gas also provides Custom Retrofit Incentives for businesses whose upgrades aren’t included in the Retrofit Incentives Program. As part of this program, qualified projects receive up to $0.10 per cubic metre of natural gas saved (up to $10,000.00) for implementing energy saving measures.

Enbridge High-Efficiency Boiler Program. Enbridge Gas Distribution is currently offering a High-Efficiency Boiler Program rebate. A rebate is available to customers who rent or purchase and install non-atmospheric hydronic boilers. Boilers must be used for space heating and/or hot water heating and must have 85% to 88% thermal efficiency. For more information please visit the High-Efficiency Boiler Program page of the Enbridge website.


Install energy efficient equipment and receive up to 50% of your total project costs as part of the saveONenergy commercial retrofit program! Take advantage of this generous incentive and upgrade your chillers, compressors, rooftop units and more with Canadian Comfort! We provide a free assessment and offer rental and buyout options with 100% approval guaranteed!

Here are some of the fantastic financial incentives are available through Ontario’s saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM:

  • Up to 50% towards purchasing and installing New High Efficiency Equipment
  • Up to $50,000 towards performing an Energy Audit
  • Up to $100,000 toward hiring an Energy Manager
  • Up to 70% toward re-engineering your Processes
High-Efficiency Rooftop Units

Install a new high-efficiency rooftop unit or unitary AC and qualify for incentives based on the unit size up to 50% of your total project costs! Please refer to the saveONenergy website for more details!

saveONenergy Compressed Air Incentives. Receive up to 50% of Project Costs for upgrading compressors and compressed air systems. Upgrade or replace compressors and compressed air systems with incentives to shorten payback periods, reduce capital costs, and cut operating expenses.

Lighting Incentives. saveONenergy offers a variety of incentive and rebates for installing new energy efficient lighting and sensors in commercial and industrial buildings.

Audit Funding. Receive up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit to identify opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and eligible incentives.

For more information, please visit the business section of Ontario’s saveONenergy website:

Hydro Ottawa Retrofit Program. Install energy-efficient measures in your commercial business and receive up to 50% of your total project costs.

For more information on these fantastic commercial incentives and to get a free estimate call us today at 1-800-958-9601 or fill out our quick online form and a Commercial Energy Adviser will contact you within 24 hours!

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