Residential Rebates

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Canadian Comfort is committed to informing our customers of the many incentives and rebates available for making your home more environmentally friendly. Our products and services increase the energy efficiency of your home or business, cut your costs and provide a cash return.

When you upgrade your HVAC equipment with Canadian Comfort, you not only reduce your costs and consumption and increase the resale value of your property, but you can also receive money back.

Our certified Energy Advisers are educated on the incentives and rebates available at any given time. When you upgrade your HVAC equipment with Canadian Comfort, we’ll inform you of the rebates that you qualify for and will assist you with completing the application for the rebates to ensure that you get them as quickly as possible! It’s our goal to ensure that our customers take advantage of as many incentives and rebates as possible that they qualify for by making their homes more energy-efficient.

Residential Rebates and Incentives

The following are some of the major incentives and rebates available in the Province of Ontario. Check back to this section regularly to stay up to date on the latest rebates available!

saveONenergy Heating and Cooling Incentive. Did you know that up to 60% of your monthly energy bill goes towards heating and cooling? Upgrade your HVAC equipment and you can receive up to $650.00 in incentives. Not only do you reduce your energy costs by up to 60%, but you will receive money back from the Ontario Power Authority!

Ontario Power Authority microFIT Incentives. The Province of Ontario is actively encouraging and rewarding the use of renewable energy. Take advantage of this fantastic incentive in employing a renewable, clean energy source such as solar panels or wind energy.

Enbridge Gas Rebates. Enbridge Gas is providing multiple incentives up to $2,000.00 that can be applied to your home’s energy upgrades, as well as audit costs through The Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program. The program is being offered to Enbridge customers in York Region, the City of Toronto (includes the GTA), and other select areas of Durham, Niagara, Peel and Ottawa.

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