Duct Work and Duct Cleaning

Good duct work is essential for the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Canadian Comfort offers a variety of duct work services, from new duct work installation and design, to duct work improvements and repairs to professional duct cleaning. Our skilled technicians have years of experience working on all types of duct work set-ups in different styles of homes.

Residential Ductwork

What is Duct Work?

Ducts are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air from a building. Ducts are typically made from sheet metal which comes from galvanized steel. Sheet metal is a light and durable material, making it ideal for duct work. Ducts are often insulated with fiberglass or other materials which also helps to ensure quiet operation.

There are 3 types of airflows that pass through duct work to ensure that HVAC equipment operates effectively – supply air, return air and exhaust air. Ducts also deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air meaning that they are a great way of ensuring excellent indoor air quality and maintaining a comfortable temperature.

The duct system is called duct work and the planning, sizing, detailing and location of pressure losses throughout the system is called duct design. Our skilled HVAC technicians are the best in the business at duct work design and installation.

Duct Work Design and Installation

Canadian Comfort specializes in the design and installation of duct work. Whether you need to install new heating or AC ducts for your HVAC equipment, or you’re adding a room or venting a bathroom – Canadian Comfort can help! If you’re upgrading your HVAC equipment with us and require duct work, Canadian Comfort will include the duct work costs at an affordable price! Contact us to schedule your free assessment today!

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is very important to maintain healthy air quality within your home, to keep your HVAC equipment running efficiently and to improve the lifespan of your equipment. Check out the before and after photo below to see the difference duct cleaning makes!

Air ducts before and after duct cleaning.

Why do You Need Duct Cleaning?

Over time, ducts become filled with dust, dirt, pet hair, construction debris, food and small toys, even mold and fungus! Each time your heating or air conditioning system turns on, this dirt in your ducts is expelled into the air resulting in poor air quality, allergens and more dust and grime within your home. When your duct work system is filled with debris it can lead to clogged AC coils and furnace filters, and also seize up blower wheels resulting in a breakdown.

How Often Do You Need Duct Cleaning?

Most technicians recommend that ducts are cleaned every 3-5 years. You may want to have your ducts cleaned more frequently if you have pets, if someone with allergies and/or asthma lives in the home or if you have had issues with mold and/or pests.

Duct Cleaning Makes a Difference!

Air ducts before and after cleaning

The before and after photos prove it – duct cleaning makes a difference! Canadian Comfort’s technicians take the time to do a thorough job – ensuring that your ducts are sparkling upon completion!

Our prices are among the most reasonable on the market and we’ll always work out a good deal if you are installing new duct work or HVAC products with us.

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